Piolo Pascual Refuses to Label His Closeness With Shaina Magdayao

Piolo Pascual admitted that he and Shaina Magdayao have been dating for five years now.

Pascual refuses to label their closeness or whatever the two of them have.

He said it’s hard to label whatever it is, he guesses they just have to mutually respect everyone involved and not talk more about it.

Piolo has been exclusively dating with Shaina for quite sometime now, both of them know that they don’t date out of what they have.

Pascual said it’s more important that they know that their relationship is something that they value, something that they treasure and appreciate.

In a separate interview, Magdayao said she does not want to rush into a relationship because she wants her next boyfriend to already be the one.

She is in a point of her life that she really values the word commitment that’s why she’s also taking her time for the next one that comes, whoever that person is, he is already the one. While waiting, they do more productive things like work,’ she said.

Asked whether Pascual has the qualities she is looking for in a husband, Magdayao said: Piolo is a very good person and he’s been a good friend to her.

Pascual and Magdayao were first romantically linked with each other back in 2012 after reportedly getting cozy during the concert tour of ‘ASAP’ in Singapore that year.

Pascual, however, put down the rumors at that time, but described the actress as a ‘fine lady.’