Erich Gonzales Confirms She & Daniel Matsunaga are no Longer Together

Erich Gonzales confirms break-up with Daniel Matsunaga, saying ‘its over.’

The romantic teleserye ‘Be My Lady’ was Daniel and Erich first teleserye together. It was aired in 2015 and their fans were elated.

They initially met on ‘Two Wives,’ adapted from the 2009 Korean drama series with the same title.

Since then, Erich and Daniel have worked on more projects together and appeared multiple times on Kris Aquino’s now-defunct morning show ‘Kris TV,’ where the two were often invited as guest-hosts.

The two are often seen publicly, showing their love and affection for each other on social media, so when Erich deleted all of her Instagram posts that had Daniel in them, netizens went speculating and rumors started to spread that Erich and Daniel have broken up.

Daniel replied to one of the fans but it did not help: ‘We are going through some personal things… we just need some respect and time. Thank you.’

Erich’s Instagram briefly turned private after the mess.

Daniel and Erich also appeared in ‘Minute to Win It: Last Duo Standing’ edition, where they were able to emerge as the first pair of winners. The episode was only aired last February 6, so the pair was still all smiles, as if nothing is wrong between the two of them.

However, in a recent report, Erich finally confirmed the rumors – she and Daniel are no longer together.

They are no longer friends and are not talking together.

The actress stated that there was no third party involved, however, she was no longer open to remaining friends with Daniel.

She thinks to just have to accept that there are things that they cannot control but still life goes on.
She deleted the photos and she ‘un-followed’ them. She just want to help herself.

There’s one thing she has learned in her relationship with Daniel, ‘she has to learn to save some love for herself,’ Erich ended.