Sunshine Cruz’s Daughter Uses Angelina Cruz Not Montano as Screen Name

Sunshine Cruz’s eldest daughter Angelina will be releasing her first single as a singer under the Universal Records.

Angelina will use the name Angelina Cruz and not Montano, according to Sunshine.

Sunshine explained that it will be best to use her surname as part of her daughter’s stage name rather than that of her estranged husband, Cesar Montano.

The actress cited singer Donna, who is using Cruz but she is not really a Cruz.

When she started she was using a Yrastorza as a screen name. Rayver and Rodjun even use Cruz but they are Ilustre. It is because Cruz are known musicians so she thinks that using Cruz is an advantage.

Sunshine plans to talk to her ex-husband about the matter but talent manager Arnold Vegafria will be the one to approach Montano regarding it.

In 2013, Sunshine filed a case against Montano for rape, saying in her complaint that she was a victim of ‘physical harm, obscene accusations, and grave defamation’ under her very ‘domineering, philandering’ husband.

She also accused the actor of performing lewd acts in front of their daughters. It ended their marriage after 13 years of being together.

A year later, Cruz filed an annulment case against Montano.

As of now, the actress is hopeful that her ‘freedom’ will be granted soon.’ When that time comes, she would be the happiest, Cruz said.

Sunshine and Cesar have two other daughters, namely Angel and Samantha.