Pres. Rodrigo Duterte Sneers at Baste’s ‘Romance’ With Ellen Adarna

President Rodrigo Duterte scoffs at Baste’s relationship with actress Ellen Adarna.

Pres. Duterte has criticized his own son over his relationship with Ellen.

‘It’s sad to see that a child grow up without having a constant father figure to lean on,’ Pres. Duterte said.

In his speech in Davao City, the country’s leader surprisingly opened up about his family, getting candid about his frustrations with ‘Baste,’ his youngest son with first wife Elizabeth Zimmerman.

The president speaks to Baste in a mocking way, saying that he has not seen Baste at home for quite a while now. He added that Baste seems to prefer spending his time with an actress, to taking care of his own kids.

Baste has been frequently spotted with Ellen for the past few months.

A week ago, Ellen finally spoke at length about why she and Baste ended their relationship.

During the conference for her upcoming movie ‘Moonlight Over Baler,’ the actress said that she and Baste called it quits before Christmas.

It was a very weird breakup because instead of sending her a good morning greeting, his message was all about their break-up.

While their split has affected her, Ellen said she has already moved on and accepted realities.

While their relationship is over, Ellen still considers Duterte as her best friend.

Ellen said that Baste started to court her after his father took his oath as the president of the country.

Adarna said she and the President have already met when she was invited over for dinner at the Malacanang Palace when she and Baste were still together.

Ellen is a Filipino actress and the only daughter of her Filipina mother and Spanish father. Ellen is the eldest child of the owner of Queensland, a chain of motels in Cebu, Manila and Davao.

Ellen is also a model who started as an internet celebrity.

She is under contract with ABS-CBN’s Star Magic since 2013 and has appeared in various magazine covers in the Philippines like Candy, FHM, Esquire, UNO, Preview, Speed and Women’s Health.