Jessy Mendiola is Open to the Idea of Marrying Edu Manzano

Luis Manzano and Jessy Mediola are asked if they are dating?

As usual, Luis said that their smiles speak for themselves. The interview leaves a smile on their faces and that is the most important thing, they are ecstatic over what they have between them right now, Luis explained.

Luis also said that he and Jessy have decided to take their time in their relationship.

There’s a reason why they are letting everything fall into place, he said.

The two are long-rumored to have been dating, with some even tagging Jessy as the reason behind the breakup of Luis and actress Angel Locsin but Luis has since cleared Jessy’s name, but has not given the reason of his split with Angel.

When the controversy of their break-up blew up, Manzano and Mendiola have shied away from being seen in public and refrained from posting photos of themselves together on social media.

Moreover, in recent weeks, it appears that the pair have become comfortable in talking about their rumored romance in public.

In one of Jessie’s interviews, she now admits that she is open to the idea of marrying Manzano.

They already posted sweet photos together that it already drawn plenty of headlines.

Luis even made sure to create more buzz when he gushed on Instagram about rumored girlfriend Jessy as the Kapamilya beauty turned 24.

Luis shared a photo of him holding Mendiola’s hand, Manzano wrote: ‘Happy happy birthday! I’m up for any adventure with you. [Whether] a high or a low as long as I’ve got your hand by mine.’

The couple recently went on a vacation in Phuket, Thailand.

The actress posted a photo of her and the actor-host, striking a romantic pose in front of a picturesque sunset setting.