Gladys Reyes is Expecting Another Baby Boy

Gladys Reyes reveals gender of their fourth baby.

Gladys had prayed the baby is a girl and Christopher Roxas had hoped it is a boy.

It can be remembered that the actor happily shared the news about the actress’ pregnancy last September 27, via an Instagram post.

The dad of three wrote, ‘Never been more happier in my life…

‘Another child in our family…Been looking for something to motivate me, instead of something, you gave me someone…

He added, ‘I’m just grateful dear God…now give me your magic, I’ll do all the work, thank you so much.’

On December 28, the actress shared a short clip of her ultrasound.

She’s currently in her second trimester or 19th week.

Gladys’s caption for the said post, ‘Thank you Lord for the active and healthy baby!’

In another Instagram post, it was revealed that they will be having another baby boy.

Their three children are: Christophe, Aquisha, and Grant