Pops Fernandez Prefers ‘Younger Men’

Pops Fernandez says she sees nothing wrong with dating younger men because they are more sure of themselves, more aggressive and most importantly, they’re single.

Pops is 46 years old and has already dated several guys, younger than her, including former ramp model and actor Brad Turvey.

She dated Turvey in 2004, shortly after the annulment of her marriage to singer-TV host Martin Nievera.

The singer asked her sons’ opinion on this and they said it’s okay with them, as long as she is happy.

Maria Cielito ‘Pops’ Lukban Fernandez was born on December 12, 1966 in Lucban, Quezon.

Her parents are the late action star Eddie Fernandez and Dulce Lukban.

Pops began her music career at age 16 when she signed a contract with OctoArts Records in 1981.

In 1982, Pops released her first album and co-hosted the Philippine television series ‘Penthouse Live!’ with Martin Nievera.

Pops and Martin were married with two sons—Robin, 26, and Ram, 23.

Pops says what’s great about being single is that you can meet a lot of people and you get to choose who to hang out with.

She never got to experience that when she was younger, having been raised by her mom (Dulce), who was then so strict, and then getting married so young.

She might as well do it now.

The singer clarifies that while she enjoys going out, she is not ready to fall in love again just yet.

She knows it will just happen. If she finally meets somebody who she is sure can take care of her, then she could probably take their relationship to the next level.

Right now, she is not officially with anybody and just like meeting different people.

Asked for the qualities she looks for in a man, Pops replies: ‘He has to understand my situation—I take care of two boys—and of what I’ve been through in my marriage.

The guy also has to accept that I’m already set in my ways and that I’m independent.’

He has to be kind-hearted just like her.

Pops also says she prefers dating Filipino men, ‘although people say Pinoys are big babies.’

She has nothing against foreigners. Maybe she just haven’t met someone she found interesting enough.

It’s just that their culture is very different from ours and it’s hard enough to adjust to the quirks of a Filipino guy, more so to the culture of a foreigner.

Pops, whose daring and sexy cover photo on the men’s magazine FHM in 2006 became highly controversial, says she is still unprepared to be a grandmother.

Her son Robin has a girlfriend, but they don’t joke about her being a lola because she does not find it funny.

They also discuss marriage sometimes but she told him it’s easy to get married, but you first have to figure out whether or not you’re ready to give up being single.

She advises her son to enjoy his life first. If your special someone really loves you, she will wait until you’re ready.