Robin Padilla Receives Double Gifts

Actor Robin Padilla gets a double gift last November 15.

Robin’s wife Mariel Rodriguez gave birth to a baby girl and President Rodrigo Duterte granted Robin an absolute pardon.

President Duterte gave Padilla absolute pardon in connection with his illegal possession of firearms conviction back in 1994.

Padilla was sentenced to a 21-year prison term, which he began serving in 1995.

He was released after a conditional pardon given by then President Fidel V. Ramos.

Absolute pardon now means Padilla’s political and civil rights would be restored — he can vote and freely travel abroad, among others.

Duterte said, ‘Robin suffered enough, set him free and give him the rights.’

The pardon restores Padilla’s civil and political rights, which may enable him to get a US visa so he can be with his wife and newborn child.

Earlier in the day, Padilla’s wife Mariel, gave birth to their first daughter in the United States.

The actor is a known supporter of Duterte, could not be with Mariel abroad because he only had conditional pardon.

His wife has had two miscarriages before finally giving birth to their bundle of joy named Maria Isabella de Padilla.