Sarah Geronimo Is Now Busy Doing Other Things

Matteo Guidicelli thinks that he found “the one” in Sarah Geronimo although he knows that their relationship is not perfect.

Matteo is now happy that Geronimo is now doing other things apart from her work.

In celebrating Sarah’s 28th birthday, the two of them tried mounting climbing. Guidicelli took her for an outdoor adventure. They conquered new heights when they went on a hike with some friends last July 2016.

The actress has also attended cooking lessons under renowned Filipino chef Gene Gonzalez. Is she maybe preparing herself for a new chapter of her life amidst rumors of engagement to Matteo?

Sarah also tried to attend pole dancing classes with pole dancing instructor Ciara Sotto.. She might be bringing something new on her return to the ASAP stage.

The actor promises Sarah to continue to support her new endeavors.

He encourages her to open her eyes, not just work, but to enjoy her life.

Sarah is already 28, she deserves it. All of us do so we have to enjoy, to free our spirits and to live life to the fullest.

There are so many things we could see and that we should not be stuck to do one thing only, Matteo added.