Bea Alonso Finds Out that Zanjoe Marudo is Cheating on Her?

Zanjoe Marudo and Bea Alonso were the subject of showbiz columnists who claimed that Marudo has been caught by Alonzo, cheating on her.

In an interview, Marudo admitted that he and Bea are no longer a couple.

Other than confirming it, Zanjoe did not cite any particular reason for the breakup but admitted that he is going through a tough time coping with it.

When asked when was the last time he cried, the actor candidly admitted that he cried the night before the interview.

Zanjoe did not sound like he was ready to end his four-year romance with Bea because when Abunda asked him whether he believed in second chances, the actor quickly said yes and continued the phrase love is worth fighting for.

Abunda immediately said that he apologized to the actor for bringing up the issue.

Prior to his interview, the relationship of Zanjoe and Bea had already been rumored to be on the rocks. They recently took separate vacation trips alone—Zanjoe in Europe and Bea in Japan and some months before, the two celebrities admitted to having problems with their relationship but they were trying to work it out besides the actress was also rumored to be dating actor Paulo Avelino, which the latter quickly denied.