Danica Sotto Speaks About Pauleen Luna

Danica Sotto says that her father’s love life is none of her business.

This is if Vic Sotto is happy with his current girlfriend, Pauleen Luna.

She also does not judge the couple despite their age gap because Vic is 59 years old while Pauleen is 25 years old.

At first, Danica felt awkward with the age gap since she is even older than Pauleen but she learned to be happy for her father.

Giving Pauleen the cold treatment won’t do anything good, so she let them be happy.

She will just continue to pray for their happiness.

Danica revealed that she has spent time with Pauleen when they go out for dinner.

When they see each other, Pauleen would usually ask Danica about her kids.

Pauleen also tells stories about Vic, saying that the comedian is happy when he gets to spend time with his children and grandchildren.

Danica and her brother, Oyo Boy, are both married. Danica married cager Marc Pingris while Oyo Boy has already settled down with actress Kristine Hermosa.

Pauleen was the one who reached out to them, Danica said, adding though that she never forced them to like her.

That’s the thing that she appreciated about Pauleen because there is respect coming from her.

Only God will know when is the perfect time for her father to tie the knot again.

Vic was previously married to Danica’s and Oyo Boy’s mother, Dina Bonnevie.

When Vic marries again, Danica said she is willing to support her father as long as he is serious.

She will give him the same advice he told her and Marc when they got married.