Derek Ramsay Is Now Seeing Someone Privately

Derek Ramsay said that he is dating someone but declined to give the name of the woman.

Ramsay promised to himself that when it comes to his love life, he wanna be more private this time.

He wants to keep that to himself that he is seeing someone because he is getting older and he mentions it to everybody.

He is now at the part of his life when he has to find the right one and will keep that private for now.

The woman he is dating is aware of reports linking him romantically to Kris Aquino and her family, Derek said.

It is a non-issue between him and the woman he is dating.

As for his decision not to reveal details of his personal life, Derek said he is just trying to apply what he has learned from past relationships.

He just wants to be more private in stuff like that.
There is a lot of pressure on him he does not want to carry that weight.

It is hard to have that weight on your shoulders every day.

Everyone is watching, everyone is looking.

On his part, he should take that off his shoulders and give himself that space to grow in this new relationship, he said.

Derek used to date actress Solenn Heussaff when he was just starting in show business.

He was also in a long-term relationship with Angelica Panganiban and recently had a month-long affair with Cristine Reyes.