Zsa Zsa Padilla Has Found A New Boyfriend

Zsa Zsa Padilla has moved on, after the much talked about the death of her long-time live-in partner, Dolphy.

Padilla has already found the new love of her life and she has finally decided to show him off to the public.

That could be the reason why Zsa Zsa says she is very inspired and she looks prettier and inspired.

She did not formally introduce her new boyfriend to the press but she let bystanders and observers see her with him in a public place.

She was spotted in the audience, seated beside renowned architect Conrad Onglao.

The two were even seen walking hand in hand at the hallway of the coliseum but Zsa Zsa was curt in her response when prodded about her love life.

It has been a while since Padilla was first rumored to be going out with Onglao and their appearance at Valenciano’s concert was probably the first time that the media saw them together.

Onglao is now officially her new boyfriend, the first one after the death of Dolphy.

He is a famed and respected architect who is slightly older than Zsa Zsa.

Conrad is a bachelor, not that he has gotten old single but because he has already overcome two failed marriages in the past.

Onglao said his ideal woman is someone who has her own passions, aspires to be good at what she does, is intelligent, has a sense of humor, a certain breeding, an individual sense of style.