Zanjoe Marudo Is Not Yet Ready To Settle Down

Zanjoe Marudo is not ready to exchange vows with Bea Alonzo.

Marudo added that he is not yet financially stable to start a family of his own.

His savings are not yet enough, although he was able to save money from the 10-month run of his teleserye, ‘Annaliza,’ where he played Guido, the adoptive father of Andrea Brillantes.

Meanwhile, speaking of his role in ‘Annaliza’ Zanjoe said that it is a different thing to play a father role in the teleserye and to be actually a father in real life.

He feels that he will be a good father to his future kids and he maybe like Guido when he does become a father.

The actor did not push to be close to the child actress but Andrea tried to be close to him and looked at him as a father figure when they did the teleserye.

There was also a time when Andrea spent the night with Zanjoe and Bea.

He and Bea have not talked about having kids in the future but Zanjoe thinks Bea is a wife material.

He wants to save for his future family because he wants to be able to provide well for his wife and kids.

He believes that there will come a time all these opportunities will stop knocking on their doors.

So, while the projects are still there, they want to work and grab the opportunity.

If ever they get married ,he still wants Bea to be active in showbiz, especially because she is already an actress when he meets her.

Zanjoe knows how much she loves her job and he will never take away something Bea loves.