Willie Revillame Has Indeed Disposed Some of His Properties?

Willie Revillame’s manager slams report of the host’s rumored gambling addiction.

Jay Montelibano said that Revillame indeed goes to the casino but denied that he has been shelling out millions because of gambling.

The rumor is not true, he may have gone and played out of fun.

He may already has his share of wins and losses but it is not accurate, he said.

Revillame even recently purchased an Aventador, a type of a luxury sports car by world-renowned brand Lamborghini which reportedly amounts to P20 billion.

Several tabloid reports recently had Revillame on its headlines, one of the most notorious report claimed that he was held for two days in a casino allegedly due to his loss which amounted to P300 million.

Revillame also has started to sell off some of his properties due to his multi-million peso losses in gambling?

Montelibano confirmed that Revillame has indeed disposed of some of his properties but not due to his supposed gambling addiction.