Mark Herras is Already a Father

Mark Herras admits fathering a three-month old baby girl.

Herras decided to reveal the truth because he is tired of denying.

This time, he wants to reveal everything about Ada and he is very proud of his daughter.

He initially thought that the baby might affect his showbiz career.

The baby’s mother is 32-year-old woman who works as a senior handler.

He is not in a relationship with the child’s mother but the actor wants to raise Ada in a healthy and happy environment.

Meanwhile, Herras apologized to his former girlfriend, Ynna Asistio, for not being faithful to her.

Herras also admitted his fault and even asked for forgiveness and understanding from his ex-girlfriend’s family.

He reiterated that his relationship with Ada’s mother and the birth of his daughter is not the reason why he and Ynna decided to end their romance last year.

He will veer away from romance for some time and will focus his attention to Ada and the baby is his priority now.