Kristine Hermosa is Pregnant

Oyo Sotto, Kristine Hermosa’s husband, confirmed good news in his Instagram account.

Sotto said Hermosa, one of the most beautiful actresses of her generation, is now 6 weeks pregnant.
with his second child.

He posted a photo of Hermosa’s ultrasound with the caption: ‘Thank you Lord for this wonderful blessing!
they just want to share their short beautiful story of how amazing God is.’

When 2014 started, they believed God for so many things, one of those is to have another baby, without having to take any medication since Tin has policystic ovaries.

God answered one of their prayers to have another baby.

Tin is now on her 6th week, with no signs of policystic ovaries!

They are witnesses of how powerful prayers are. God hears them, Sotto added.

Hermosa gave birth to a baby girl named Ondrea Bliss in 2011.

The couple has an adopted son named Quiel.

Hermosa, in an earlier interview, said she is open to return to acting.