Jericho Rosales Will Tie the Knot on May 1

Jericho Rosales revealed that he will be tying the knot with his fiancee, model Kim Jones, on May 1, Labor Day.

It was very easy for Rosales and Jones to pick a date because it was one week after May 1 when he proposed to Kim last year.

The actor proposed during the Sunday service at the New Life Alabang and also asked permission from Kim’s mother to marry her.

The movie, ‘ABNKKBSNPLaKo?,’ which is based on the best-selling book by Bob Ong is the last project he will be doing as a single guy.

He shared that the next projects will come after the wedding.

Jericho said a lot of people have been telling him that being married is the ‘end of the world,’ but he has a different feeling to it.

He feels his marriage to Kim will be a beginning of great things in terms of his career and personal life and he is also more inspired to work.

The couple are more excited than stressed with the wedding because more than anything else, it is the start of his new life with his bride-to-be.

Whenever Kim feels stressed by it, Jericho would take her out on a date.

Jericho said they were also inspired by the wedding of long-time couple Drew Arellano and Iya Villania.

The two got married last week on a cliff overlooking the sea in Batangas.

The actor shared they attended another wedding that inspired them, the wedding of their pastor.

They have attended weddings before and last week was one of the most beautiful weddings they ever attended.

They have already decided on their secondary sponsors from showbiz, but Jericho said they don’t want to announce anything for now because they don’t want their guests to get stressed.

Although they want something as private as Iya’s and Drew’s wedding, Jericho said it cannot be helped if they will have a bigger wedding because of their extended family.

Jericho was not able to attend Drew’s and Iya’s wedding because he was taping for a show but it was Kim who attended, he said.

After the wedding, Jericho and Kim may go back to work immediately since they don’t have any plans of where they are going for their honeymoon.

Since they are having a beach wedding, Jericho was asked if he was worried about old Filipino sayings that beach wedding leads to broken homes.

He and Kim don’t believe in such sayings because it is up to them to make their relationship work.

God is the God of unity and it is just a relationship that was united by God and blessed by Him and Jericho believes in one woman for his life, for him.

When the actor was asked if he will be willing to be interviewed by his ex-girlfriend, Heart Evangelista, he said that if there is one dream of Heart as a host, it would be to interview her former boyfriends.

It is a very awkward situation and it is kind of funny but it is just okay for him, Jericho added.