Zanjoe Marudo Dreams A Magnificent Wedding

Zanjoe Marudo does not want just another run-of-the-mill wedding with girlfriend Bea Alonzo.

When asked for the nth time about wedding plans with the actress, the 31-year-old Marudo joked that he wants a magnificent wedding but hopes that ABS-CBN will be willing to pay for it.

The revelation was made by Marudo in an interview, where he also talked about work and acting with Alonzo.

According to Marudo, he and Alonzo are just enjoying the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship at the moment.

When asked for an estimated time when he thinks he and Alonzo will tie the knot, Marudo was hesitant to give any definite time frame.

Many people advised them to take their time first and enjoy their ‘young age’ before settling down.

They have still their priorities like savings for their future and family support.

However, the actor is very sure that when the time comes, he will have a grand wedding with Alonzo.

Marudo and Alonzo is one couple that is admired by many in the showbiz industry because both managed to have a good career and a happy love life.

Their relationship according to Zanjoe, has gone to different stages that gave them a good foundation.

He also thanks Bea, who made him feel secure since the start of their relationship.

The other factor that made them stick with each other is the contentment of what each of them can contribute to the relationship and acceptance of who they really are.