What Helps Strengthen Bea Alonzo & Zanjoe Marudo’s Relationship?

Zanjoe Marudo admits that sometimes he and girlfriend Bea Alonzo have some arguments.

It stemmed from their lack of time for each other but they have come to accept their situation.

Marudo has been in a relationship with Alonzo since March 2011.

They also have to accept that both of them should work and in the future, Marudo said that he could tackle similar situations.

Bea hardly saw Zanjoe for two months while she was shooting for a movie but the actress believes their time away from each other actually helped strengthen their relationship.

It also helped that they are both secure with their relationship and that they trust each other.

Both actors are prized talents of ABS-CBN, he stars in primetime series ‘Annaliza,’ in addition to being a mainstay on the late-night gag show ‘Banana Split’ while Bea is hard at work on her film.

Meanwhile, the news about the string of celebrity breakups has made Bea Alonzo appreciate more what she has right now with her boyfriend.

At this point of her life, she cannot ask for more in her career, family and love life because she feels that she is so blessed.