Robin Padilla Wants to Produce Film About Gay Marriage

Robin Padilla plans to renew his contract with ABS-CBN.

Padilla will renew it soon especially since his bosses agreed for him to co-produce own project like action movies.

He will also be given the freedom to work on materials of his choice.

This was during the press conference for the movie ‘Sa Ngalan ng Ama, Ina at ng mga Anak,’ the film he co-produced with his wife, actress-host Mariel Rodriguez.

The the 44-year-old actor said that he is not getting any younger and he can no longer work for 28 hours straight.

Robin said he wants to try father roles in television and leave the rom-coms to the younger Padillas.

He had television projects in three Kapamilya shows – ‘Guns and Roses,’ ‘Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw’ and ‘TodaMax’ after signing up in 2011.

Robin likes Mariel to join him in ABS-CBN and he wants to see her hosting a show again.

Mariel was last seen as host of the defunct game show, ‘Wil Time Big Time’ on TV5.

In ‘Sa Ngalan,’ Mariel plays Indang, wife to Robin’s character, Kuratong Baleleng crime boss Ongkoy.

Robin married Mariel in Muslim rites in 2010 and said she earlier wished for a church wedding so they flew to the Vatican but they were rejected.

Robin knows that a church wedding is every woman’s dream but he admits that he is not yet prepared to have a child with Mariel.

They are going on a month-long vacation in Stockholm in February and will go on a religious pilgrimage.

Robin also plans to produce a film about gay marriage that will star his gay brother BB Gandanghari.

The project has been stalled twice, so plans to seek divine intervention and looks forward to the signs that God will give them.

He is not yet ready to see BB marry another man.

The family thinks of BB as a child and he did not grow up as BB but as Rustom.

The progress in their family has to be gradual and BB cannot do it fast.

Robin said he wants his son Ali, 12, to become a soldier because he wanted to be one when Robin was young and it is the reason why he trained all his kids in combat or martial arts.

When his daughter Kylie Padilla was hospitalized recently, he was worried because she bumped her head during her training in gymnastics.

It is good that it was only because of migraine and Kylie just needed rest.