Jennylyn Has No Comment On The Luis Manzano-Angel Locsin Rekindled Romance

Before Luis Manzano and Jennylyn Mercado became a couple, Manzano and Angel Locsin already parted ways.

Now, Jennylyn washes her hands off regarding the Luis Angel issue.
She does not want to give any comment on the said rekindled romance between the two.

Jennelyn only wishes them well, when asked about the reconciliation of the former lovers.

It is better to address the questions to Luis and he will be the one to answer them.

Angel and Luis both denied that their rekindled romance has anything to do with why they broke up with their respective partners, Luis with Jennylyn and Angel with Azkals team captain Phil Younghusband.

Jennylyn said she does not feel any sense of betrayal from what Luis and Angel are admitting now.

The people can interpret what has happened and they can judge the situation themselves, she said.

She also just smiled when questioned about her reaction regarding the admission of feelings made by Luis and Angel.

As for herself, Jennylyn said it is not usual for her to go back to her ex-boyfriend.

In the 10 years that she has been in the industry, Jennylyn can safely say that she has not gotten back together with anyone in her past.

Jennylyn is now starring in ‘Rhodora X’ with ex-boyfriend Mark Herras.

The actress maintained she and Mark have not spoken about rekindling their romance.

In fact, Jennylyn considers her friendship with Mark more important than anything else they can have in a relationship.

She is sure her friendship with Mark is for forever and it is something that may not be affected by whatever romantic notions they have between them.

It is still better if the two of them will just be friends because Jennylyn values Mark’s friendship more than anything else.