Carla Abellana & Geoff Eigenmann Are Already Planning to Tie The Knot?

Former actor Rey PJ Abellana is against the rumor that her daughter, Carla Abellana and Geoff Eigenman are already planning to get married.

Rey does not like Carla’s plan because his daughter is just starting in her career.

He said it is better if Carla will just focus on her career first, since she has a contract with GMA-7 and Regal Films.

Rey is not against Geoff marrying her daughter, in fact, the couple was even with him last Christmas.

His only concern is his daughter’s happiness and security.

It is just better for everyone if they will not rush on their plans to get married.

He said the two did not mention anything to him regarding their plans to settle down.

Carla is just new in the business and her career is just blooming, her father added that marriage can distract her from it.

If ever his daughter asked his opinion or advice, Rey said he will be very vocal about discouraging Carla from settling down.

Rey does not want Carla to follow his footsteps.

He married young and his blooming career suddenly stopped in the 80s.

There were some issues in the past that Rey did not like Geoff as Carla’s boyfriend because of the former’s family background.

Geoff is the son of Gina Alajar and Michael de Mesa and their marriage did not last long.

Rey denied this issue and actually both Gina and Michael are his friends.