Angelica de la Cruz Shares Showbiz is Now Her 2nd Priority

Angelika dela Cruz will continue her showbiz career but her main focus now is on public service.

Angelica has been elected chairman of Barangay Longos in Malabon.

She was still 19 years old, when Angelica wanted to like politics and wanted to serve the public.

At that time, she felt she must be ready although she thought that she was more than ready to pursue her dreams as public servant.

After the election, her priority now is her responsibilities and obligation as barangay chairman but she still have to work because showbiz is where she earns her living.

Hindi naman puede ng wala siyang hanap buhay, iba siyempre ang kita ng pagaartista.

She also wants to help her family, so she still accepts work in the entertainment industry but she must be ‘choosy’ this time in her roles and must work hard.

She does not mind playing villain roles again, knowing that these tend to be more challenging and daring.

As a barangay chairman, Angelica has so many projects.

She has to prioritize them because Angelika said, problema niya kung ano unahin like kailangan magtayo ng mas malaking health center.

They have a medical mission once a month.

At this point in her life, Angelika cannot ask for more because she has been blessed more than enough in her showbiz career and personal life.

But her only wish, sana ma-solve na yung kaso ng kapatid niya kasi kawawa naman mga magulang niya, hanggang ngayon nagdudusa pa sila sa sinapit ng kapatid niya.

It has been four years mula nung napaslang ang kapatid, pero hindi pa nila nakamit ang hustisya at wala pang closure ang kaso niya.

Siyempre pag wala pang closure, wala pa silang peace of mind, kaya yan lang hinihingi niya, matapos na sana para matahimik na silang lahat.

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