April ‘Boy’ Regino is Saying Goodbye For Good

For the past weeks, rumors are making the rounds in showbiz that April ‘Boy’Regino’s health is seriously failing and he is dying?

Such speculations are not surprising. It has been years since the novelty singer had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, one of the most fatal types of cancer that inflict aging men.

Is April Boy dying? The once popular recording artist opted not to answer this question directly.

But he seems determined to outlive his cancer. According to him, it should be good news that he has so far recovered from prostate cancer.

He disclosed that as of his last checkup, he was clear from the medical condition.

However, it is not all good news that April Boy has in stored for us.

He also revealed that after beating prostate cancer, he is now facing another battle.

This time against a serious heart ailment that requires him to take complete rest.

He disclosed that the treatment for this new condition is getting more rigorous, even more demanding than his previous cancer treatment.

He does not want to identify exactly what that ailment is.

But what could be alarming to his fans is the fact that he is now bidding show business, particularly singing.

April Boy reiterates that he has no other choice but to take this painful decision. That is because his doctors advised him to eliminate his showbiz commitments because those may cause him too much stress. His ailing body, he admitted, is also not strong enough to perform and sing on stage.

April Boy, unsurprisingly, took this very painful decision without any ease on his mind and heart.

He recalled that he cried after taking that decision to bid goodbye to his passion and to the industry that gave him numerous opportunities in the past.

The singer recalled that he felt very sad when he had to cut his hair short because that was one of his trademarks in the businesses.

But it shattered him more when he had to exit from the industry.

Before his fans react, April Boy asserted that his decision is final and that it could never be taken back, even if he wants to.

That is because this case could be a matter of life and death for him.

But he is trying to console his fans in advance by reminding them that he may not be seen and heard performing in public but certainly, his music and his legacy would live on.

He is also thankful to all his fans who patronized his songs in the past and who have helped make him the star that he is now.

He assured everyone that he is quitting the business with enough savings and investments to ensure that he and his family would continue to live comfortably.

April Boy commended his wife Madel for being a good handler of their finances.

He also revealed that his children JC and Charmaine are now college graduates and are already working for their own.

Many might be bothered by his last words in his latest showbiz interview.

He is thanking everyone in the business and all his fans for all the blessings and good tidings that have come his way.
April ‘Boy’ Regino is Saying Goodbye For Good
He said he is saying goodbye for good, but his music would live on. For sure, we would hear again about April Boy. But no one knows for now how is it going to be when we hear news about him again.