What Judy Ann Gives Up in Order to Pursue a Career in Showbiz?

Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo is a renowned actress, an award-winning host, a platinum recording artist and a film producer.

Judy Ann has done it all except for one thing, which she regrets deeply.

In an interview, the 35-year-old actress shared that if she is given the chance, she would like to have the opportunity to finish her college education.

She gave it up in order to pursue a career in show business.

Before, she thought that she could have her college education at any age.

Kaya siya nag-take ng culinary kasi gusto niya magkaroon siya ng certificate o degree in something.

Hindi lang pag-aartista ang dapat alam niya pagtanda niya, she added.

The ‘Bet On Your Baby’ host has yet to set a cap on her career, saying she is depending on her audience to decide on when she should call it quits.

The actress also talked about her insecurities, her marriage and family, and her recently-concluded tax evasion case with the government, where she jokingly sympathized with boxing icon Manny Pacquiao.

Meanwhile, she recently inked a two-year contract with ABS-CBN.

The program, ‘Bet On Your Baby’ was a big factor in extending her ties with the Kapamilya network.

The Philippine adaptation of the game show, which features as contestants two- to three-year-old children

She saw the project appealing when it was first offered to her.

In the original format of ‘Bet On Your Baby,’ toddlers are accompanied by their parents in a series of challenges. How well the parents can guess their respective babies’ next move in these tests will determine the winner of the show.

She wants to smile and feel happy because in her most recent drama series, palaging nakakunot ang noo niya, palaging galit, palaging nanapok, nanampal, so this time it is different.

Santos, herself with two children, hopes ‘Bet On Your Baby’ will start a cycle of projects that will allow her to do more fun-filled shows, in addition to taking on dramatic roles.

Admitting she has had to adjust to the demands of being an energetic TV host, Santos said she nonetheless finds fulfillment in her latest job description.