Matteo Guidicelli is Not Willing To Be Paired With Sarah Geronimo?

Matteo Guidicelli almost said that he is not willing to be paired with rumored girlfriend Sarah Geronimo.

Guidicelli does not know. He further explains that it really depends if people will like it.

By this time, he still cannot say yes or no.

If some people are talking about his future team up with the pop princess, some observers say that their fans are craving to see them together in television and in the big screen.

Meanwhile, there is a blind item that discussed about the alleged disappointment of a mom to the generosity of her daughter, in giving donations to the super typhoon Yolanda’s victims.

When it comes to anything financial, it is the mother who is the deciding factor or the decision-maker of the family.

If the daughter makes her personal decision, it is still subject to the approval of the mother.

In the case of the actress’ donation to the Yolanda victims, the mother of the actress allegedly wants to take back the huge donation.

The mother justifies or believes that the donation is too big.

But the mother does not know that a not so popular star donates millions, bigger than what the actress gives.

Some people are thinking that the blind item is concerning to the mother-daughter tandem of Sarah and mother Divine.