Sarah Geronimo Learns Her Lesson From the Past Relationship?

Matteo Guididelli escorted Sarah Geronimo in going out of the coliseum after her concert.

Until now, both remained silent and they did not release any statement regarding the issue.

It is maybe because Sarah and Matteo agreed not to reveal their relationship to the media for the sake of privacy.

It can be recalled that during the height of her relationship with Gerald Anderson, she opened her love life to everyone.

But now, the pop princess has learned her lessons
and learned a lot of things in the said break up .

She translated the pain into a positive experience.

After the break-up, Sarah has become a more mature individual.

This is her time and she believes that she can do it with Matteo Guidicelli.

Meanwhile, Matteo was allegedly not invited in her concert at the Big Dome, MOA Arena and Waterfront Hotel and Casino.

The pop princess confirmed Matteo’s absence in her concert when interviewed by the media.

Despite her confirmation, the hunk actor decided to watch the concert at the MOA Arena.

For some observers, Matteo is a brave man because he still managed to watch the concert despite his girlfriend’s previous announcement.

He is not only a brave man but he is very much in love with Sarah Geronimo.

He decided to go with his chosen friends and watch the concert at the MOA Arena.

Popsters failed to see him at the Waterfront last Dec. 7, he also denied his rumored dinner date with Sarah at a restaurant in Cebu and according to him, he was there for his family and not for the pop princess.

Sarah will be having a very sweet and romantic life this Christmas season.