KC Concepcion Keeps Her Hands Off When It Comes to Paulo’s Son

KC Concepcion has many projects and she has no more time to hang out with her suitors.

The actress said it’s up to them to find a way to reach out to her.

On most days, KC would like to just hang out in her condo unit, watch DVDs, have breakfast on bed and talk with her friends.

One of her suitors is award-winning actor Paulo Avelino, who recently gave KC a real Christmas tree straight from the United States.

When asked if it bothers her that people say Paulo does not suit her because he already has a son with ex-partner LJ Reyes, KC said she should not judge the actor.

KC would want to keep her hands off, when it comes to Paulo’s son because that’s an issue between him and LJ Reyes.

Paulo is her closest friend now but she maintains they are not exclusively dating.

The actress comes from parents who are very ‘showbiz,’ KC said she knows how hard it is to be part of a family that is always under public scrutiny.

So now that she is also in showbiz, she wants to protect that part of her life unless she’s really serious about the guy.

The actress maintained she will not take it away as the public’s right to know if she ever decides to be serious again in her love life.

She was accepted by her stepfather, Senator Kiko Pangilinan, even though she is not his own daughter.

KC is Sharon’s daughter with Gabby Concepcion and she does not want to judge Paolo for having a son since she also came from the same situation.

KC plans to take up a couple of weeks of acting lessons next year.

Since she won an award for her character in ABS-CBN’s ‘Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala,’ the actress said she is doubly incensed now to develop her skills.

She is also hoping that Dreamscape will have another project for her.

She also plan to renew her contract with the Kapamilya network.

The award she got for that teleserye made her more inspired to pursue acting.