Sarah Geronimo Has Grown Into a Successful Performer

From a gawky 15-year-old contest champion who sang with the vocal affectations of her idol Celine Dion, Sarah Geronimo, now 25, has grown into a performer more willing to venture outside the music genres she has been – well, boxed in.

It showed in the repertoire for her concert, ‘Perfect 10,’ held Friday at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Sarah Geronimo has successfully fulfilled her commitments to her fans.

This was when she ended her concert series on Dec. 7, 2013 at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino in Cebu City.

According to her fans, it was a huge success and was a jam-packed event in the queen city of the south.

The pop princess is known for her superb performance every time she is onstage and it one of her trade marks.

She can easily get people’s attention, if you are watching her performance in a concert or in a TV appearance.

But aside from her talent, Sarah, the reigning concert queen in the local music industry, is also known for her very expensive and revealing costumes.

In her previous concert, ’24/SG,’ The Birthday Concert’ held at the Big Dome in July 2012, Geronimo paraded her elegant, expensive and sexy costumes quilted by Furne One, a Filipino designer based in Dubai.

Now, things have changed because Viva Artist management tapped Mr. Rajo Laurel, one of the famous and well-respected Filipino designers in the country, to dress up Sarah Geronimo in Perfect 10 concert.

Viva has made the right choice because Mr. Rajo Laurel has brought out the best of Sarah Geronimo.

She is not only showing her skin, but she remains sexy and hot.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Matteo are the headlines in the internet world these past few days.
Is it because of their popularity or of their rumored relationship?

Some nights ago, they shocked their fans when they almost revealed the status of the relationship publicly.

Matteo escorted the pop princess as she walked towards the exit area of the coliseum.
Geronimo acknowledged Matteo’s effort and she immediately placed her hand at Matteo’s arm.

That scene was captured by the observers who were also present during the event.
They posted their captured moments on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.