Alice Dixson is Going Out on Dates Again

FHM December cover girl Alice Dixson confirmed that she is back in the dating game again.

In a recent interview with the TV5 star, Alice shared she’s going out on dates but nothing serious yet.

She is still in the getting to know you stage and clarified that she is not exclusively dating someone.

Kakaumpisa lang. Hindi pa todo ito, getting my feet wet pa lang, said Alice.

The actress said she is ready to entertain suitors again because she is at that stage where in she is comfortable with herself, where she is in and the kind of life she leads.

The actress said, she has not felt this in a long time.

She does not even know what you call it, basta ang alam niya ang tawag dito ay dating.

When asked what she will try to avoid in her next relationship, the actress ponder for a bit then replied:

She would avoid expecting somebody to change.

For her, she thought love could change things, change a person is, their character, pero once you meet somebody, you really have to know them and you either accept them or you don’t accept them, she said.

To recall, the 44-year-old actress married to businessman Ronnie Miranda.

The former couple lived in Canada, where Alice was managing her own real estate business, before she decided return to the Philippines and try her hands at acting again.

They filed separation papers in December and two months later, the Canadian court granted the divorce and ending their 13-year marriage.

Alice said she’s through with that phase of her life and she’s moving forward.

She said, she is just experimenting with her career right now and she is really confident about herself, about her body.

She does not feel that she should be in any shape, way or form conservative.

Meanwhile, Alice was asked how she will size up her ‘For Love or Money”‘leading man Derek Ramsay.

According to her, they’ve become good acquaintances in the set and had small talks about life and work in general.

As a co-worker, he is very dedicated. She says this because he wants to know his lines, nakikita ko na nagsisipag siya and he is very professional.

He is busy with his personal life and he’s very busy kasi he’s taping every day, Alice said.

When asked if romance wise, Derek would pass her checklist, Alice immediately said no because he’s from the entertainment industry.

Alice confessed, ‘Honestly, he would not fall under her top category kasi he’s in showbiz.

She does not really go for guys in showbiz.

She added that the actor is not tall enough for her as she only go out with much taller guys.

But personality-wise, Alice said Derek will fall in her category.