Rhian Ramos & KC Montero Confirm that They Already Ended Their Relationship

It seems only yesterday that Rhian Ramos and KC Montero were talking about how much fun they are having when they are together.

But now, celebrities Montero and Ramos confirmed they have already ended their relationship.

The two apparently already ended their relationship even before Typhoon Yolanda struck the country on November 8.

Rhian said she cannot remember anymore the exact date of the breakup.

Rhian admitted her relationship to the DJ-TV host shortly after she came back to showbiz from a short vacation forced by a nasty controversy involving her and ex-boyfriend Mo Twister.

The Kapuso actress said it was a happy breakup and that they will remain friends even though they already ended their one-year-and-nine-months relationship.

Why was it easy for her to be friends with KC? Rhian said they still keep in touch and they don’t want to be awkward when they’re at work.

She sees KC as someone she wants to keep in her life as a friend.

KC, she said, is worth keeping even though their relationship did not last that long.

Aside from being a happy breakup, Rhian said it was also a positive breakup because KC is a good person who she likes to be around.

The breakup was a mutual decision. It was something the both of them agreed on, Rhian said, adding that people should not really speculate about what happened.

In fact, the two of them are still going out on dates. Rhian said she wants to make sure KC will be a part of her life forever.

A failed relationship will not change that, she added.

And that is what she wants him to be, she wanted a friend. she wants him to be a friend that she can have around for a lifetime.

Asked if there’s still a possibility for them to get back together, Rhian said she does nogood friendt want to close any doors.

She also doesn’t want to speculate, so she doesn’t really know what can happen in the future.

KC is a good friend of the actress, someone whose going to be there for her through the years.

Did they lose the excitement of seeing each other already? No, she is constantly seeing him right now, so it’s not a sawa problem.

It’s just something that we decided together.”

Rhian admitted she still loves KC, and that is not something she is trying to hide.

That’s also the reason why they hang out together until now because they enjoy each other’s company.

The actress described KC as a good person and mature.

Now that she is single, Rhian said she does not plan to entertain any suitor for now.

She wanna fly solo for a while. For now, she just wants to take the time to be by herself and grow up as an individual.