James Yap’s GF Discloses that They May tie the Knot Next Year

James Yap’s Italian girlfriend, Michaella Cazzola is a 30-year-old employee of Asian Development Bank who is based outside the country.

Not many know that she is the current girlfriend of the PBA cager.

But now that he has introduced her to the public through his Instagram account several months ago, she has been a target of press interviews, although she has successfully remained to be elusive.

But just lately, Michaella seems to be quite accessible to some members of the press.

In her own words, she hinted that James has something to do with it.

She made an impression that her boyfriend now allows her to speak but only to selected members of the press, especially those who are close to him.

A few showbiz reporters got the privilege to speak with Michaella at the venue of the recent PBA Governors Cup Finals.

They learned that she quietly slipped into the country just so she could watch James play in the game.

And she was truly a supportive girlfriend.

During that game, just like in all other games that she watched to see James play, Michaella sat at the upper portion of the gallery section.

That was quite logical because as a private individual, she obviously wants to spare herself from the prying eyes of the showbiz press and of the public.

Through a short but meaningful conversation with a few reporters last weekend, Michaella revealed so much about her relationship with James.

The press people were so straightforward probably because they knew that she would be gone in a few minutes.

That was why they immediately asked her about her rumored wedding plans with James.

In her giggling way, Michaella said it is yet too early for them to talk about marriage.

She even hinted that they are not even engaged.

But everybody was surprised when she made an unexpected revelation.

She must not be used to keeping secrets to herself.

That could be why she disclosed that they may tie the knot ‘maybe next year.’

She ended the very short conversation by saying that the wedding could be set sometime next year.

Michaella and James started their relationship in September last year.

A common friend was instrumental in their meeting.

Then, James came to Florence, Italy to visit her in August last year.

The following month, they officially became a couple.

It was only in June this year when James finally confirmed his relationship with her.

To this, Michaella revealed that he was just seeking the proper time.

She must have meant that James wanted his marriage with Kris Aquino to be finally annulled before he made another move for his own love life.

Michealla also assured everyone that she is very much aware about the past of James and ex-wife Kris Aquino.

She did not elaborate much on that aspect of her boyfriend’s life.