Sarah Geronimo Hopes That Things Will Work With Her & Matteo Guidicelli

Singer-actress Sarah Geronimo continues to keep mum about the real status of her relationship with actor Matteo Guidicelli.

But instead of totally avoiding any comment about Guidicelli, Geronimo is slowly opening up about the actor.

Asked about the real score during her contract signing with ABS-CBN on Monday, Geronimo briefly replied: they are okay.

Geronimo, who has become very private when it comes to love life compared to before, also said she’s hoping that things will work this time with Guidicelli.

She admitted that she finds the athlete-actor easy to talk to.

Ang mga characteristics ni Matteo, ano ba? Siyempre ano, napipi? she said. Masarap kausap, madaming kwento.

Asked if she is now ready for a commitment, Geronimo just said: ‘Baka mausog.’

But Geronimo was more straight-forward when she denied rumors that Guidicelli went to Cebu to watch her concert early this month.

No, he there for his family, Geronimo said, echoing Guidicelli’s earlier statement about the subject.