Coco Martin Takes Part in Outreach Program for Yolanda Victims

Award-winning actor Coco Martin has been helping different charities through the years, and has also been active in helping the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda’

After participating in the ABS-CBN Christmas Special last Wednesday (December 11) and Anak Awards last Thursday (December 12), Coco will now be taking part in the outreach program for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

On December 12, the actor personally visited the evacuees in Villamor Air Base in Pasay City.

This is his project for the children traumatized by the tragedy, Biboy said.

Although there are many artists and inviduals who have been extending assistance to the victims, Coco wants to do it personally.

He was also with some of the ‘Juan Dela Cruz’ staff.

On December 13, Coco and the other staff of ABS-CBN flew to Tacloban City to conduct a short program for the victims.

On December 14, he was at the Philippine Children’s Medical Center to continue on the work produced by Dreamscape.

He was also with some other ABS-CBN artists.

Biboy said that’s basically how Coco will spend the holidays–helping others.

And it was not announced by the actor or his handler because Coco wants to keep it low-key.

On December 17, Coco will fly to Ormoc in Leyte to give hope to the people there.

Usually, before Christmas Eve, Coco spends time with at least two of his favorite charities in Metro Manila.

Someone refused to issue a press release for this because it was something very personal for the actor.

That has been happening in the past five years, he added.

And since Coco is not doing any teleserye now, that is how he will be celebrating the holidays this year, Biboy said.

Coco usually attends the Christmas parties of the companies he endorses. However, since a lot of companies decided to forego with their parties in order to extend help to the Yolanda victims, there is a less number of parties the award-winning actor had to participate in.

Biboy said there are still a number of companies that went on with their parties, albeit a much simpler one than what was originally planned.

What are Coco’s wishes this Christmas? It’s just to have more time with his family, he said.

When he was still taping for ‘Juan Dela Cruz,’ Coco lost the time he usually spends with his family, his father, mother, siblings and nephews/nieces.

Coco will be with his family on December 25.

Asked about how Coco assessed the year 2013. He felt there was so much blessings this year.

Of course, Coco was also saddened by what happened because of the typhoon.