Jodi Sta. Maria & Jolo Revilla Will Tie the Knot Soon?

Jodi Sta. Maria has denied the rumors that she and her boyfriend, actor and newly elected Cavite Vice Governor Jolo Revilla, are tying the knot soon.

Hindi, walang ganoon, she was quoted as saying.

No, that is not true. She does not know where that issue came from.

The Be Careful With My Heart star was also amused by the fact that Jolo’s posts to her on the social networking site Twitter had been taken by the public as a sign of his imminent proposal, explaining that he sent his ‘Love, please call me’ tweet because she was on tour abroad with the rest of the show’s cast members.

Proposal ba yun? Hindi, hindi, she said. Noong nasa ‘Be Careful With My Heart’ tour sila, iba-iba ang time talaga.

Five different time zones ang pinasok nila.

Kaya hindi na rin siguro niya malaman kung nasaang lugar ako (Is that a proposal? No, it’s not.

When they were doing the Be Careful With My Heart tour, we were in different time zones.

They went to five different time zones, so maybe that is why he also did not know where she was.

However, she did not give a direct reply when she was asked if the reason why she and Jolo were not engaged yet was because they were still waiting for her marriage to her estranged husband Pampi Lacson to be annulled.

When it comes to those things, she is really uncomfortable talking about it.

She wants to live din that part of her life na private.

She wants to live that part of her life privately because as artists, everything about them is already exposed.

She hopes people will understand. She will answer that in time.

She means, we know her, when it comes to those things, she is really uncomfortable talking about these things.