Derek Ramsay Wants To Settle Down

Derek Ramsay admitted that he is now thinking about the next chapter of his life, adding that he is ready to become a father.

He is at the point of his life where he wants to settle down already and have a family of his own.

On his birthday, he celebrated with the children in Palawan.

It was fulfilling, the actor said. He added that he will be doing a commercial with children and two of his nephews.

Derek has been doing a lot of thinking lately with regard to settling down.

But since Derek is single, how is he supposed to build a family?

For now, Derek does not want to think about his love life since he just came from a breakup with Cristine Reyes.

Speaking of Cristine, he was asked if the actress could possibly be the one if she was ready to be in a commitment during their relationship.

Cristine mentioned she was not ready at that time, and that is why they broke up.

Derek said the situation is different with him and Cristine.

They later on realized that what is more important for them is their friendship, and that is why they decided to end their relationship and just continue being friends.

And the great thing is, wala, hindi naapektuhan ang friendship.

They are back to normal. Back to kulitan nila.

Further pushed about the possibility of reconciling with Cristine, Derek said all they have now is friendship.

When they were still together, Derek posted a photo of them on Instagram and captioned it ‘forever.’

What happens to that forever now? The actor said he still believes in love and that it will come to him in the future.

And yes, it would have been different if his girlfriend is from outside showbiz.

It’s a lot of pressure for the couple if they are both in the industry, the actor maintained.

For now, Derek is thinking about leaving showbiz and trying something else.

But that’s an idea he is still mulling over.

He clarified though that he’s not depressed or lonely about something.

He feels really blessed and happy.

There is a big part of why he is Derek Ramsay, so ang kapal ng mukha niya not to be happy with his life.

The actor wants to take after his parents, both in their 70s, and enjoying their lives as private people.

They recently moved to Palawan and build a small house there.

Derek can see how at peace his parents are–which is something he wants for himself as well.