Vic Sotto is Thinking of Marrying Pauleen Luna Soon?

Though already turning 60 years old, Vic Sotto is reportedly thinking of setting down soon.

In an interview with Kris Aquino together with Jose Manalo, Vic said that he would still like to think that he is the marrying type..

Asked if he thinks of getting married at 60, Sotto told Aquino, ‘Why not?’

Nakakasawa rin naman matulog mag-isa, mahirap din, he added.

He said that if ever he marries eventually and settles down for life, it will be in God’s time.

Currently, Sotto is in a relationship with Eat Bulaga! co-host Pauline Luna who is 34 years his junior, Luna is 25.

According to Sotto, hindi naman siya ‘yung tipong ayaw na nang mag-asawa.

That has not always been the case, Sotto revealed, as he said there was a point in his life when he though he will not get married anymore.

There’s a phase in his life na ‘yung mindset niya ganoon na, he will be single for the rest of his life, he told Aquino who co-stars with him in the current Metro Manila Film Festival entry film ‘My Little Bossings’.

The legendary comedian and host said that he thought of this then because his children are all grown up and have families of their own and that no one will stay with him in the future.

Apparently, he has come to accept this at a point in his life.

All that appears to have changed, however, every time he enters a relationship – more so with this one with Luna.

Sotto revealed that he and Luna talk about marriage. It is normal to talk about this things when in a relationship, he said, adding that it is not a good relationship if both partners do not open up about setting down.

If you don’t want to talk about it, parang naglolokohan lang kayo, eh kahit naman noong bata pa ako eh hindi naman ako nakikipaglokohan talaga, Sotto told Aquino.

He did deny again, however, rumors that came out saying he and Luna married in a secret ceremony while they visited Macau recently.