Nikki Gil Chooses to Ignore Warnings of Billy Crawford’s Indiscretions

Nikki Gil regrets that her relationship with former boyfriend Billy Crawford lasted for five years.

Gil chose several times to ignore warnings of the singer’s supposed indiscretions.

While she still did not specify the cause of their breakup in July, the 26-year-old actress brought up instances when she had been suspicious of Crawford’s behavior during the relationship.

She is sure we had our good times, but at that point, she honestly can’t remember any, Gil said in a magazine’s December 2013 issue.

Now everything is questionable to her.

It is rushing back to her how inconsistent the timeline was.

When he did this but then may bawi, she said.

Gil recalled always getting a lot of warning, but he chose to ignore them.

He could not wrap her head around the fact that it could be done to her.

She had asked him, ‘Why were you at this place?’

Then, Nikki had back off and say, ‘Never mind, I was just asking.’ You just brush it under the rug, until one day, it all blows up in your face, she said.

At the time, the actress said she ruled out the idea that Crawford could do anything to hurt her.

In her part, she thinks she is kind, they can’t do that to her.

Imposibleng kakarmahin siya, or that life will slap her with that, ‘diba? but no, it did.

In his first interview following the breakup, an emotional Crawford said it all boils down to him, and that he was lost and confused.

And rumors later surfaced, romantically linking Billy to actress Andi Eigenmann and TV host Coleen Garcia.