Sarah Geronimo & Matteo Guidicelli Almost Reveal the Status of Their Relationship

Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli are the headlines in the internet world these past few days.

Is it because of their popularity or of their rumored relationship?

Some nights ago, they shocked their fans when they almost revealed the status of the relationship publicly.

Matteo escorted the pop princess as she walked towards the exit area of the coliseum.

Geronimo acknowledged Matteo’s effort and she immediately placed her hand at Matteo’s arm.

That scene was captured by the observers who were also present during the event.

They posted their captured moments on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

But despite the posted videos and photos, Geronimo and Guidicelli remained silent.

Some people are criticizing them because of their decisions.

If they really feel the love, they should tell the whole world that they are in love and happy, they are not getting any younger anyway.

But if you are following Sarah’s career, you will recognize her decision.

In her previous interviews, she said she wants to keep it private because she has learned her lessons from the past.

Sarah is now 25 years old while Matteo is 24.

Truly, they are not young, but it was the pop princess’s decision.

Undoubtedly, Sarah Geronimo is enjoying her moment with Matteo Guidicelli despite the criticism.

Placing her hand at the arm of Matteo as they walked toward the exit area of the coliseum is a sign of enjoyment.

Meanwhile, Matteo was once quoted when he said that the key to staying out of controversies in showbiz is to separate his personal life from one’s job as an actor.