Melanie Marquez is Recovering From Fractured Spine After a Vehicular Accident

Former beauty queen Melanie Marquez is currently recovering from a fractured spine after
a vehicular accident.

Marquez’s car, which had 3 other passengers, slid on clear ice and fell into a concrete canal last Saturday, her daughter said.

According to Maxine Dee, in a post on her personal Facebook page on Thursday night, said her mother is set to be discharged from the hospital within the next two days.

Forty-nine-year-old Marquez, who is based in Utah with her family, is recovering from two fractures on her spine in the T2 and L1 region, a fractured sternum and swelling all over her body.

The accident, according to Dee, happened at 5:30 p.m. on December 7.

Others on board the vehicle were Marquez’s son, Adam; her best friend, whom Dee identified as Arline; and Arline’s mom, Terecita.

Dee said the truck slid on clear ice and fell into a cement canal about twice her height with no way out.

However because of her willpower and strength she was able to climb her way out of the cement canal.

She had to walk a long ways away from the accident before she found a way out.

Noting that the canal cannot be seen from the road and nobody knew that there was even an accident because it was dark and cold there.

Dee, one of Marquez’s two daughters with ex-husband Derek Dee, recalled interchanging calls between her mother and the emergency hotline at the time.

With the help of Marquez’s husband, Atty. Randy Adam Lawyer, Dee said they were eventually able to locate her mother.

Authorities managed to reach Marquez and her companions at 6:30 p.m.

They were brought to the hospital about two hours later.

Marquez’s friend, Arline, sustained three broken ribs and a fractured sternum, according to Dee. Arline’s mother, meanwhile, is recovering from a fractured back, sternum and two broken ribs.

Adam, one of Marquez’s children with Lawyer, only got a couple of bruises and cuts, and walked out of the hospital fine.

It is so lucky that all of them are alive because things could have gone so much worst for them.

The injuries are serious but its better if they recover at home.

While her mother and Terecita are still in need of a back brace, Dee said they are all doing so much better than a week ago.

She added that they will still be needing assistance when they get discharged, as it will be difficult for them to move around.

Dee shared other family members of her mother, and Arline’s are taking turns in looking after them at the hospital.

Marquez has six children from four marriages — Miguelito with Sen. Lito Lapid; Mazen with an Arab businessman; and Michelle and Maxine with Dee.

With her current husband of 14 years, Marquez has Adam, Jr. and Abraham.

The winner of the 1979 Miss International pageant, Marquez was known for the most part of her career in the Philippines as a TV personality and model.

Now based in the rural town of Annabella in Utah, Marquez operates a 200-acre ranch with her husband.