Phil Younghusband is Still Pursuing KC Concepcion?

Paolo Avelino says he is not bothered by KC Concepcion’s other suitors.

That is how Paolo Avelino expressed his feelings when asked about KC Concepcion’s other suitors, including Azkals team captain Phil Younghusband.

Although Phil already denied the issue, rumors are still persisting that the athlete-endorser is pursuing KC, who is supposedly Phil’s first crush in showbiz.

Asked about the status of his relationship with the actress, Paolo said it’s still the same and they are still friends.

They don’t get to go out as often these days though since they are both busy with work.

It can be remembered that Paolo revealed during an interview on November 3 that he is dating KC.

The actress, the next day, clarified that they are not exclusively dating.

She said though that she enjoys spending time with the award-winning actor and even credited him for her improved acting chops.

As for KC’s other suitors, Paolo said he does not know what’s the deal about it.

And also, it is better if the media will just ask KC about it.

Meanwhile, Paolo refused to answer questions about his four-year-old son with ex-partner LJ Reyes.

That’s too personal, he said, adding that what is important is that he tries as much as possible to spend time with his son.

He has no plans yet this holiday season since he might be working for ‘Honesto.’

The only off days he has is on December 24 and 25.

On the other hand, Angel Locsin feels it is too soon for her former boyfriend, football player Phil Younghusband, to be courting someone.

Locsin made the statement when asked for her reaction to rumors romantically linking Younghusband and TV star KC Concepcion.

They know how it is in showbiz; not everything we read in the papers or see on TV is true, she was quoted as saying in a report.

Locsin is willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

It is just that, as his ex, parang ang bilis, said Locsin, who was speaking on the sidelines of a recent event held by local clothing line Folded & Hung, which she endorses.