Cristine Reyes Appears Naked & Covered Only With Soapsuds

Some people honestly don’t know why GMA7 let go of Cristine Reyes so easily.

Reyes started with GMA7 as a member of the first batch of StarStruck.

She was the first to be eliminated in her batch of 14 wannabes.

Now, after 10 years, she is the biggest star among them, bigger than winners Jennylyn Mercado and Mark Herras.

Obviously, GMA did not see Cristine’s potential as she was just languishing with them for several years.

So she had herself managed by Viva and moved to ABS-CBN where she did one soap after another.

Now, after ‘Bukas na Lang Kita Mamahalin’, she was quickly added to the cast of the new soap, ‘Honesto.”’

On the big screen, right after ‘When the Love Is Gone,’ she’ll be seen next in ‘Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy.’

And she is busy doing two more new movies, ‘My Trophy Wife’ with Derek Ramsay, and ‘The Gifted”’with Anne Curtis, another talent who also started with GMA7 but is now a bigger star on ABS-CBN.

Director Gil Portes also wants Cristine to star in the ‘Miss X’ sequel he’s planning to do in Amsterdam next year.

The first one starred Vilma Santos as a Pinay prostie in Amsterdam’s red light district.

The sequel will be about the daughter of Ate Vi who ends up like her mom.

Cristine is really sexy and we agree with those who say she is one of the best actresses in today’s batch of young actresses.

They just saw her in ‘When the Love is Gone’ and she really sizzles as Jake Cuenca’s wife who has a torrid affair with Gabby Concepcion who is married to Alice Dixson.

She appears naked, covered only with soapsuds, in her bathtub scene.

She does some truly wild love scenes with Gabby, but she also shines even in her heated confrontation scenes with all her co-stars: Jake, Gabby, Alice and Andi Eigenmann.

Given a truly serious material and a good director who will mine her talent well, we have no doubt she could win acting awards in the future.

The movie itself is a very commercial enterprise, well directed by Andoy Ranay (who also started with GMA7 directing soaps and the movie ‘Sosy Problems’).

He certainly knows what he is doing in coming up with a very glossy and more sensationalized version of the late Danny Zialcita’s ‘Nagalit ang Buwan sa Haba ng Gabi.’

In the original, Manny (the late Dindo Fernando), was just shot dead by the gay Eddie Garcia.

Now, Gabby in the same role is violently tortured while naked then mauled to death by Jake, who shines here in his role as the macho gay husband of Cristine.

We just wish he was not made to put on a lurid blonde wig in the scene where he’s
tormenting Gabby as that is definitely over the top.

Almost everyone in the cast has his or her own moment.

Alice’s best seen is when she sees her aging self on the mirror and cries as she touches the lines on her face.

Gabby shines in their confrontation scene where he admits he’s not sure if he loves both Cristine and Alice.

Playing Andi’s leading man is newcomer Anton Revilla and it is uncanny that he somewhat looks like Direk Andoy himself.

In fairness to Anton, he does very well in his only scene with Gabby who asks him to stop seeing her daughter Andi.

With the success of ‘When the Love is Gone,’ we won’t be surprised if Direk Andoy would be one of the favored directors of Viva.

We heard he is already been assigned to direct ‘Trophy Wife’ after original director Elwood Perez was eased out.