Jessie Mendiola Can’t Believe that She’s the Network’s Current Favorite

Jessie Mendiola says it is hard to believe that she is currently the ABS-CBN’s favorite star.

This is what Mendiola said of her status as the Kapamilya network’s current ‘It Girl.’

Whatever she has achieved now is the result of hard work and her dedication to her craft.

Jessy plays the title role in ABS-CBN’s drama program, ‘Maria Mercedes.’

She is also with comedienne Pokwang in the latest Star Cinema film, ‘Call Center Girl.’

The 20-year-old actress is likewise among the country’s more popular product endorsers.

If the network indeed plays favorites she would have gotten this big break (‘Maria Mercedes’) some two years ago while she was just starting.

She loves what she isdoing that is why she still accepts work even with only a few hours of sleep.

She guesses her bosses took notice of her dahil panay ang segue niya.

In October, she was appointed tourism ambassador to South Korea by the Korean Tourism Organization (KTO).

Jessy was chosen because at an early age, she is already one of the most influential celebrities in Philippine society.

She has more than 580,000 Twitter followers, who could be potential supporters of Korean tourism like herself.

As tourism ambassador, Jessy spent a week in South Korea recently.

She visited palaces and other famous tourist spots, as well as met and interviewed the K-Pop group Boyfriend and 2NE1’s Sandara Park.

Jessy was also able to see a number of hospitals, which are known cosmetic surgery centers in that country.

As tourism ambassador, she visited palaces and other tourist spots in South Korea.

Being an ambassador is so much fun and it does not feel like work, she said.

She has learned so much about their culture and while she is tasked to promote Korea here, KTO has also appointed a Korean celebrity to promote the Philippines there.

This will surely give you opportunities to collaborate with Korean artists.

She does not have offers yet and with the tight work schedule, she keeps because of ‘Maria Mercedes,’ she thinks it not possible any time soon.

But given the chance, she’d love to work there.

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