Alice Dixson’s Sexy Pictorial For FHM Magazine is a Big Hit

Why Alice Dixson posed for sexy pictorial?

Christmas came early for readers of FHM Philippines because it unveiled on Friday the cover of its December 2013 issue.

It is a keeper with Dixson looking quite fetching in next to nothing.

The 44-year-old TV5 actress appears to be sitting on the edge of a bed, wearing flesh-colored panties and a white top that she is clutching against her chest like a blanket.

This magazine cover comes on the heels of her skin-baring turn last month on the TV5 mini series ‘For Love or Money’, where she stars opposite Derek Ramsay and Ritz Azul.

She thinks that maybe when she was younger Alice was not ready to do photo shoots like that, she told FHM.

She refused to be photographed in a bikini during the 1980s when she started her showbiz career as a Regal Baby.

Even when Mother Lily was pushing her towards a sexy image she would always resist.

But now, it is become ordinary to come out in a bikini and it is more accepted now.

She just learned that it is part of work, and it came out very nice, she added.

The issue will be available in stores starting Monday evening.

Dixson said that she won’t be doing any more sexy pictorial after gracing the cover of a men’s magazine.

She encourages people to buy it now because she does not know, that it can be repeated , Dixson said.

Asked if the sexy pictorial was just part of her bucket list, Dixzon replied that it was
something that she never planned to do but she thinks it is just like love.

When the opportunity comes, she means it just comes at any time, right?
We will never know that it may just hit us.

It came and was just open to the idea, it happened, but what comes next, she will never know.

Dixson admitted she never thought that her sexy pictorial for FHM magazine would be a big hit.

She was not fully aware of how popular it would be.

Like they were telling her that it garnered the most Likes and Visits on their Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Dixson’s latest project is her film ‘When The Love is Gone’ with Gabby Concepcion, Andi Eigenmann and Cristine Reyes.