Boy Abunda Talks About His Relationship With Long-time Partner

Abunda revealed that at a young age, he already knew that he was gay despite having a father he described as extremely macho.

Abunda also lived in a town that was extremely, extremely macho, including the women.

Abunda spent his first seven years in Baruk, Eastern Samar, before moving to Borongan where he attended the now renamed, Eugenio Abunda Sr. Elementary School.

Here, he admitted that he knew for sure that he was gay and driven by a child’s innocence, wasn’t afraid to show it.

He was still in Grade 2, when he knew he was probably different but it was not something that made him sulk, he explained.

It was a fun childhood, he played karate with the boys and later, he was curling the hair of his girl friends.

Abunda, however, said that he had one insecurity which he surmised was brought about by society’s expectations.

He played their games, but he did not play basketball, he said, referring to his classmates in the seminary and it was his biggest insecurity.

Abunda also recounted being called names growing up.

There was a street in his town, the name was Royal, takot na takot siya na dumaan doon, kasi sinisigawan ka ng mga boses na ‘do mo nakikita ng ‘Bakla!’ Or, ‘Bayot, bayot!

Of course, he would pretend not to hear but he was afraid, he shared.

But Abunda said that the insults came sporadically because of his well-respected father and his confidence that he can stand up for himself

Abunda, unlike in most cases, never felt the need to tell his parents or friends that he was gay.

He never pretended to not be who he was, meaning he was not reprimanded because he was effeminate.

He never came out to his mother or his father.

They did not sit him down, pull him aside and ask about his sexuality.

Things just happened, he explained.

Meanwhile, Abunda also talked about his 30-year relationship with long-time partner, Bong Quintana.

Abunda revealed the difficulties, as well as the twists in their love story.

Bong is just so loved by his Nanay and by my family.

It was more difficult in Bong’s side because his Papa was a proud police officer, he said.

The irony is that at first, he would not go to Bong’s house because he did not want to put Bong in a predicament where he would not know what to do because he was raised in an extremely macho, athletic family.

Abunda said that he decided to join Quintana’s family for lunch one Sunday and it was there that he found out that Papa, his partner’s father, was his biggest fan.

If hir relationship with Papa at the start was very difficult, it turned out later to be the most beautiful relationship, as he turned out to be his biggest fan, he said.

When Abunda, known for his fearless line of questioning, was asked on the subject of sex, he responded, laughing, ‘Can I talk about it?’

As a gay person, he takes that seriously, he went on.

Wala talaga akong konsepto ng top or bottom.

He should be honest kasi he asks questions, he should answer questions.

He likes the art of flirting, sa kiss masaya na siya pero he does not go for top or bottom because he doe not enjoy foreplay!