What is The Truth Behind the John Lloyd Cruz-Anne Curtis Slapping Incident?

Everyone thought Anne Curtis knew everything behind the big story that hogged the headlines and sent people talking incessantly since the story broke last Sunday.

Curtis was at Privé Luxury Club at The Fort, Taguig and was there to throw a private bachelorette party for her non-showbiz friend.

Anne reserved one of the two long tables at the club’s VIP section that had its own bar and toilets. She didn’t mind paying a premium to ensure her party’s privacy.

Incidentally, At the other table were actors John Lloyd Cruz, Jake Cuenca, Phoemela Baranda and their friends, JR Isaac and Leah de Guzman, among others.

Anne was getting irritated when some people, not from their table, kept crossing over, getting drinks and disturbing their privacy.

John Lloyd who was drunk, also crossed over the cordoned private party and his inappropriate behavior was making Anne and her friends very uncomfortable.

Then, Anne got up to go to the ladies’ toilet and unknown to her, John Lloyd and Jake Cuenca followed her.

John Lloyd for some unknown started banging the door of the toilet non-stop, getting louder and louder making Anne so agitated.

The banging of the door continued until he heard that Anne was about to get out.

When the furious Anne stepped out of the toilet, she saw JR Isaac and Leah de Guzman nearby.

It was at this instance when the drunk Anne concluded that it was they who were banging the door, and without a word she slapped them both.

Shocked by the scene, John Lloyd who suddenly emerged from the men’s toilet approached Anne to tell her that it was he who did the banging.

Anne, who was mad as hell, shouted at him with all her might that Cruz is an addict.

She saw the club owner, JM Rodriguez, turned to him and said ‘this is the worst place to have a party! ‘

Things happened so fast and before they knew it, they saw Anne being ushered away from the scene.

Eight days after it happened, the story began circulating so fast prompting Anne to issue an apology via a series of tweets on her twitter account.

She has apologized to all parties included immediately.

She chooses not to go into detail because she is not the type to ruin someone else’s name.

It is understood that the one who started the riot (supposedly JLC) also apologized to Anne.

She searched for the contact numbers of the people involved and sent apologetic text messages to all the victims of her drunken behavior.