John Lloyd Cruz Should Be investigated For Drug Addiction?

After news broke out about Anne Curtis’ display of rough behavior in a bar recently, it seems that many issues are now surfacing.

Now the controversy is not just hitting Anne, who is currently on fire especially across the social media but many issues are now arising involving the other personalities involved in the brouhaha.

Many were shocked in disbelief when Senator Tito Sotto made a pronouncement that ABS-CBN should launch an investigation over John Lloyd Cruz’s alleged drug addiction.

Senator Sotto said that the network should make sure that their stars are serving as ideal role models to the youth.

The senator implicated all other talents of the network and even suggested that the Kapamilya network launch a random drug test to make sure its popular stars are living drug-free lives.

Some even assert that such investigation should also cover stars and starlets of rival networks GMA-7 and TV5.

It can be recalled that Anne called John Lloyd an ‘addict’ after she slapped him during a bar altercation in The Fort.

Many bystanders and observers thought Anne was spilling the beans on whatever she knows about the actor and many took that statement seriously, apparently including Sen. Sotto.

But some are in disbelief arguing that Anne was just drunk that time and maybe that statement was just a slip-of-tongue after drinking too many.

They also question the senator’s motives for making comments about the issue.

Could it be that Sen. Sotto is just riding on the issue just so he could brace the limelight?

However, many people cannot blame the senator because he is the head of the senate committee on dangerous drugs.

Could it be that Sen. Sotto is getting back on John Lloyd?

The popular actor, as we may recall, was a former boyfriend of Sen. Sotto’s daughter, Ciara Sotto many years ago.

Whatever his motives could be, Sen. Sotto should prepare for the consequence of his action.

Many fans are now willing to strike back at anyone who may seem to be taking advantage of the controversy.

Meanwhile, John Lloyd and Anne seem okay as they may have already patched things up.

They hosted an event together for a mobile brand they are both endorsing just nine days after the talked about slapping incident.