Dina Bonnevie Hopes That Pauleen Luna Will Remain By Vic Sotto’s Side

Actress Dina Bonnevie finally broke her silence over the reported relationship of her former husband, actor Vic Sotto, with actress Pauleen Luna.

In an interview with ‘The Buzz,’ Bonnevie said she is hoping that Luna will remain by Sotto’s side even if the actor gets older.

Dina would opt for somebody older kasi masyadong malaki ang age gap.

Baka naman pagdating ng time na matanda na si Vic, magsawa siya., Dina said.

In two more years, Vic is already a senior citizen, ang bata pa nung isa.

Baka mamaya ‘Ay ang tanda tanda mo na, gusto ko pa mag-party.’

Huwag naman sana, she added.

Despite this, Bonnevie said she is wishing the couple all the happiness in life.

Meanwhile, in June last year, it was reported that Luna and Sotto have already broken up.

Sotto even said in an interview that he and Luna are not hiding anything while Luna said her easygoing, laid-back personality proved to be a plus factor in her relationship with Sotto.

She acknowledged that they both had learned a lot from each other.

She taught him to be mellow; he inspired her to mature, both personally and professionally.