Bea Alonzo & Boyfriend Marudo Have Cooled Off?

Bea Alonzo sometimes hopes that she and Zanjoe Marudo can just argue for the sake of adding spice in their relationship.

Bea denied that she and boyfriend Zanjoe have cooled off.

She doesn’t understand why such things crop up these days and it is as if people want them to break up.

The truth is, they barely argue or fight even after three years in their relationship.

She added that issues such as these don not affect them at all but it makes them stronger as a couple.

Even though they have a committed relationship that lasted for longer than other celebrity relationships, Bea said she is not yet ready to settle down with the 31-year-old actor.

She is also confident Zanjoe won’t be proposing since he knew they are both not ready for the next step.

Bea admitted though that they have talked about having kids and getting married, but not seriously.

Asked how many more years she wants to have before tying the knot, Bea is hopeful Zanjoe can wait five more years.

She is, after all, only 26 years old.

Before she ties the knot, Bea wants to make sure she has already explored all there is to explore about life.

She is fearful she cannot go back in time once she settles down.

Marriage is quite easy, she said, because it is always an option.

But the opportunities coming her way are rare.

Bea said in the three years that they have been together, they were able to grow as individuals.

It shows in their recent trip in Hongkong where they were able to bond more.

Before, Bea would just go on nonstop shopping, but that changed this year since she was contented to just be with Zanjoe.

She also speaks her mind now than before because Zanjoe’s friends have also been accommodating and supportive of her.

They can accept whatever she wants to say.

Before, the actress said she is always afraid to offend anyone, so she refuses to speak her mind.

For now, Bea hopes Zanjoe is the one for her.